Hello and welcome to my Website! My name is Ayleen Gelbart and I have been a Sleep Learning Specialist since 2006. I named my company ABC SleepyTime Inc. to represent “A”yleen “B”aby “C”onsultations as the work I do goes above and beyond traditional sleep learning work.

I am fluently bilingual (English and French) and have enjoyed working with clients all across the world like Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Boston, New York, Dubai, Switzerland and Peru – to name a few!

My company specializes in NIGHTIME SLEEP LEARNING and DAYTIME NAP LEARNING for newborns, infants, toddlers, and pre-schoolers. I can also work with older age children as needed. Throughout our sleep journey together, I offer advice and suggestions regarding overall health, illness, reflux, milk and solid feeding, growth and development, teething, traveling, and numerous other topics.

With ABC SleepyTime Inc., you will receive complete and comprehensive ONE-ON-ONE support throughout the entire Sleep Learning process. And because each baby/child is unique, I personalize and tailor each and every Sleep Learning session to match the needs of your baby/child and family. I have a unique approach to sleep learning, and it should be noted that our work is a learning process, not a ‘quick fix’, to ensure long-lasting Sleep Learning success!

I am well-known and established within the Montreal medical community and have a large network of health care professionals that I am affiliated with. In fact, many doctors and pediatricians are referring me to their patients for sleep help!

I have made it my mission to demystify any preconceived notions and beliefs you may have regarding sleep, and teach you the science underlying the sleep troubles your little one is experiencing. Together we will rectify your sleep situation and ensure that everyone gets the sleep they need!