As first time parents, we were overwhelmed with the amount of conflicting information when it came to sleep. Not knowing any better, we took whatever means necessary to get our baby to sleep. We had a system that worked… until it didn’t.
Realizing the problem was going to get much worse if we didn’t solve it now (at 5 months), we contacted Ayleen under recommendation from friends of ours. It’s immediately apparent Ayleen knows exactly what she’s talking about and has the background to prove it. She told us every reason our child was acting and reacting the way he was and gave us a plan to get him on track.
The process wasn’t easy, but Ayleen was there to encourage us and hold us accountable. At the end of it all, we are happy to have a child who sleeps on a consistent schedule, sleeps at night and naps longer than half an hour.
If you’re willing to work with Ayleen and get your child on track with their sleep (and whatever other questions you might have she can answer), book her immediately, if not sooner. For us, it was more than worth it.

-Vito & Renee

Ottawa, ON

Ayleen a été notre ange gardien. Elle nous a suivi pas a pas dès les 3 mois de mon fils et en quelques jours, mon fils qui ne dormait pas la nuit faisait dorénavant ses nuits de 12 heures comme par magie. L’entrainement au sommeil avec Ayleen nous a permis de retourner une routine familiale saine et mes soirées avec mon mari, que je n’avais pas vu depuis la naissance de notre fils. J’ai également pu retourner au travail tôt, ce qui n’aurait pas été possible sans sommeil.
Merci du fond du coeur Ayleen. Je recommande fortement Ayleen et ses services à tous les nouveaux parents!

-Genevieve L.

Montreal, QC

We are so grateful to Ayleen for helping us sleep train our son. When Ethan was 3 months old he wasn’t sleeping very much at all.  He had great difficulties falling and staying asleep and his naps were extremely short. We were beyond frustrated and didn’t know what to do. Contacting Ayleen was the best decision we could have made! It wasn’t just her wealth of knowledge but also her emotional support and encouragement that helped us through the difficult time we were experiencing. After Ethan started sleeping through the night, Ayleen also assisted us with nap training. In no time, Ethan was on a nap schedule and was getting the sleep he needed. Consequently, he was a happier and more well-adjusted baby, and in turn, we were happier and getting the sleep we needed too. Sleep training saved our lives!

Ayleen is a consummate professional; she is personable, caring, encouraging and extremely knowledgeable. Ayleen was there throughout the whole process to lean on for support and to answer any questions we had. We highly recommend Ayleen as a sleep trainer.

-Mandy W. and Amanda V.

Vancouver, BC

La premiere fois que j’ai appelé Ayleen, mon bebe avait 6 semaines. Je m’inquiétais car il dormait très peu et était toujours grognon ….
Après m’avoir posé plusieurs questions, Ayleen a diagnostiqué des reflux acides et m’a conseillée de consulter un docteur pour régler ce problème avant de commencer à l’entraîner à dormir.
Une fois les reflux gastriques sous contrôle, nous avons commencé l’entraînement des dodos de nuits qui a fonctionné à merveille ! Nous avons vu la différence dès la première nuit et après 3 nuits, il dormait de 19:30 a 7h le lendemain matin sans tétée! Avant l’entraînement, notre bébé ne dormait jamais plus de 2 heures….
Ayleen est très présente pendant l’entraînement et le fait qu’elle ai été infirmière au Children’s pendant des années nous rassure et nous profitons de ses précieux conseils.

-Sandra G.

Montréal, QC

Let me start off by saying my baby FINALLY sleeps. Since the day my son was born, sleep was an issue. He would cry hysterically if he was put down and would only sleep on me and my husband. For the first month, he only slept in our arms and that goes for naps and for night sleep. We were sleep deprived but friends with babies would say it would get better with time. It actually only got worse. In order to get him to sleep we unknowingly created some bad habits. We were in survival mode. We used rocking, nursing, pacifiers, co-sleeping, car rides, swings, basically anything that would get our baby to sleep. It was so bad that every time a family member would call, their first question was “how did he sleep?” It was so frustrating. By the time he was 6 months old I had become a real life zombie. I couldn’t get anything done during the day and waking up every 2 hours in the middle of the night was not an option anymore. We tried multiple sleep training methods and they just angered and upset him. After speaking to a friend of mine, she referred me to Ayleen. That’s when I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. Ayleen personalizes the sleep training method according to every baby’s need and BEST of all she’s there to help you throughout the whole process. It’s not a one time consultation! It was the BEST money we have ever spent. My son sleeps 11-12 hours a night and naps 3 hours a day which is basically a miracle.

So THANK YOU Ayleen for helping our family. You were there for us when we needed it the most.

-Stella S.

Laval, QC

Une gros merci à Ayleen de nous avoir aidé avec nos deux garçons (3 et 5 ans). Ayleen était toujours disponible (et encore aujourdhui) pour répondre a nos milliers de questions. Elle a su nous guidé autant sur le sommeil des enfants (en particulier pour les siestes), les colliques lorsqu’ils étaient bébés, dépistage de torticolli, ainsi que les petits bobos de tous les jours (surtout pour savoir quand se rendre a l’urgence ou non). Ayleen est une personne ressource très importante pour notre famille, que nous apprécions beaucoup. 

-Marc L. et Valérie T.

Montréal, QC

I contacted Ayleen Gelbart in 2011 after the birth of my son based on the recommendation of a friend who insisted that Ayleen “changed her life”. I was sceptical, but willing to try anything to get my son sleeping more than 45 minutes at a time. Ayleen assured me that he would soon be sleeping a full twelve hours every night – a claim that seemed about as likely as me becoming a billionaire.

Within a few weeks of working with Ayleen, my son was indeed sleeping twelve hours straight every night! He was a happier, well-rested baby, and we were finally all getting the rest we needed! Now at 3.5 years old, thanks to Ayleen’s incredible tools and hard work, he still sleeps like a dream EVERY NIGHT.

When our second son was born, we knew that Ayleen was the only person we could trust to get him to start sleeping better, and again, she has worked her magic and he now sleeps through the night.

I have never met anyone who is so dedicated to not only doing her job well, but also ensuring that the parents (and children) are comfortable and supported with everything they do. She really respects the individual needs and schedules of every family she works with, rather than using a “one-size-fits-all” approach. She is encouraging, understanding, and works tirelessly to solve any sleep issues, never giving up until the problem is solved. Ayleen is not only my sleep trainer; she has become my friend too, and she has, as was promised to me years ago, changed my life.

-Jaycee A.

Montreal, QC

Nous sommes tellement reconnaissants d’avoir eu la chance de travailler avec Ayleen. Elle a évidemment été d’une grande aide pour aider notre fille à faire ses premières nuits de 12 heures et instaurer un horaire de sieste régulier. Elle a aussi été d’une aide inestimable lorsque notre fille a commencé à avoir des symptômes très douloureux de reflux. Elle nous a offert son soutien en nous transmettant ses connaissances et ses conseils et nous a référé une ostéopathe en or – tout cela dans le but d’aider notre fille à garder ses bonnes habitudes de sommeil malgré le reflux très dérangeant. Puis, quand ses premières dents ont commencé à pousser à 3 mois, Ayleen a encore été d’un grand soutien afin que les crises de dents dérangent le moins possible le sommeil de notre fille. 

Ayleen est patiente, professionnelle, humaine, disponible et extrêmement compétente. Nous la recommandons vivement! Merci infiniment pour tout!

-Julia R.

Montréal, QC

As a mother of two young children, I (like many moms) was faced with challenges outside of my knowledge base.  For everything from fevers, sleep training, rashes and managing the overall health and wellbeing of my children, Ayleen has been an invaluable resource time and again and I am grateful for the wisdom she has bestowed upon me. Her tips, suggestions, insights and guidance have enabled me become a more confident and self-assured parent.

-Melanie A.

Toronto, ON

Quelle chance nous avons eu de nous faire référer Ayleen! Notre fille de 8 mois était épuisée et pouvait se réveiller jusqu’à 5 ou 6 fois la nuit. J’avais lu tous les livres sur lesquels j’étais tombé mais aucune technique ne semblait s’appliquer au cas de ma fille. Ayleen a proposé un plan personnalisé que j’ai pu appliquer, et grâce au suivi quotidien qu’elle offre, on pouvait se réajuster au besoin. Le changement d’humeur de notre fille a été visible très rapidement – elle est beaucoup plus calme et joviale depuis qu’elle dors et tout le monde autours de nous l’a remarqué. Merci Ayleen!

-Isabelle M.

Montréal, QC

We sought Ayleen’s help as a baby sleep trainer. When we contacted her initially, our 8 month old son was waking up every 2-2.5 hours at night. Ayleen started by reviewing our current baby’s sleep habits, explaining what she felt would be good habits to get into and discussed a step-by-step program we could follow. We had read many techniques in books but being able to speak to someone with experience, ask questions and be able to follow up was a difference maker for us. She was easy to talk to, straight forward and did try to work with us in terms of our comfort level with the sleep programs. We saw immediate improvements in our son’s sleep patterns and of course our own!

-Michelle C. and Morry M.

Toronto, ON

When my twin girls turned 7 months, I was determined to have them sleep through the night – my husband and I were exhausted and were losing hope of ever getting a good night’s sleep ever again! Bought the books, got lots of advice, searched the web – needless to say, my husband and I were OVERWHELMED with all the information, graphs, testimonials… Then one day, I was referred by a co-worker to Ayleen. All I knew was that she had helped other families and that she was an awesome sleep trainer. At the time, I wasn’t really sure what that actually meant but I called anyway, desperate for someone to just tell me what to do! One week and 2 phones calls later, my girls were sleeping through the night. THROUGH THE NIGHT!!! Fast forward 4 years, and my girls are still awesome sleepers and still love their afternoon naps. My husband and I are so thankful for Ayleen and all the help she provided – she actually changed our lives. Saved us, actually!

-Lisa M.

Montreal, QC

Being a first-time mom, I just assumed that having a baby meant that I would have many sleepless nights. Despite numerous nightly wakings, I hoped that eventually my baby would learn how to fall asleep on his own. It wasn’t fathomable to me that my son had the ability to fall asleep, without being pacified or rocked to sleep.

After six extremely long months, this misconception quickly changed when we met Ayleen. She assured us that our baby had the ability to fall asleep on his own, and provided us with the tools we needed to change our son’s sleep regimen. To our surprise, after only three nights, our son was falling asleep on his own and sleeping eleven to twelve hours straight!

Ayleen is nothing short of a miracle worker. Her approach to sleep training is extremely multi-faceted in that she gears her techniques to the specific needs of the baby she is working with. She does not use a “one size fits all” approach with her clients; she clearly has a gift when it comes to babies and sleep! Not only is she knowledgeable, she is caring and encouraging every step of the way. In addition, her pediatric nursing background is what sets her apart from other sleep consultants in that she is able to offer both sleep and medical advice. I cannot begin to tell you how many times she has “dropped everything” to guide us through an unknown medical concern.

When we were expecting our second son, we knew, without a doubt, that we would contact Ayleen to help us set-up a sleep plan prior to the birth of our newborn. This time around, we were equipped and confident from day one!

Today, we have two beautiful sleepers and cannot thank Ayleen enough! Words cannot express our gratitude towards Ayleen and the incredible work that she does. We are truly blessed to have worked with her and would recommend her without any hesitation.

-Carrie N.

Laval, QC

I wouldn’t be such a zen mother and wouldn’t have such a happy baby if it weren’t for Ayleen. With my first child I spent countless hours pouring over sleep training books trying to learn what was right. I should have taken a nap and just called Ayleen! With my second child I called her early on and my baby went from sleeping 90 minutes at a time, to doing a 7 hour stretch the first week, to sleeping 12-13 hours a night within 3 weeks!!! Having an experienced and knowledgeable expert at your fingertips through those tough first months has been such a gift and has changed my experience with this baby. Thank you Ayleen!!!!

-Sylvie B.

Montreal, QC

My son was 5 months old when I decided enough was enough! My husband had heard about this ‘amazing’ sleep whisperer and I thought how could that possibly be, but it was. Ayleen, a miracle worker she was! I was a nursing mom and desperate. I was at the point where my son slept in my bed and was nursing every hour from 11pm to 4am. Naps were non-existent unless he was in my arms, in a swing or in a car. I knew something had to change so we welcomed Ayleen’s service and I remember her most important rule was: as parents we have to be fully dedicated and trust her, which we did! In just 3 short nights my son was going to sleep tear free, feeding went from 6 per night down to 3, then 2, then none in the span of a few weeks. Naps were getting longer, and when in despair or confused, Ayleen was always available to answer questions or to simply support us in any difficulties we had. Not only did she save our sleepless nights and tireless days, she also helped in the feeding department providing feeding schedules and tips. It’s thanks to her that my son who is now three and a half is probably the world’s best sleeper. He loves his bed, loves his naps and is excited to get cozy in his bed. All he needs is some cuddles and off to sleep he goes. I’m thankful that now having a second child, I have been able to use all that I have learned from Ayleen and apply the same concepts. There is nothing more beautiful than to see your child go to sleep on their own and be excited about it. It makes parenting that much easier!

Melisa M.

-Laval, QC

Quand ma copine m’a référé à Ayleen, ma fille de 2 mois ne dormait pas du tout le jour. Elle pouvait dormir 30 minutes en 12 hrs. Nous étions découragé et fatigué. Ayleen a su prendre charge et vraiment m’aider à comprendre et mettre en pratique les bonnes techniques pour mettre mon bébé sur la bonne voie. Elle dort maintenant 13 hrs la nuit et fait trois sieste équivalent à 3 hrs!!! Ayleen m’a donné un support incroyable, je suis une grande fan!!

-Daphnée G.

Montréal, QC

In 2010, I was at the end of my rope dealing with my 4 month old son who was such a bad sleeper that I was willing to try anything to get him to sleep. I contacted Ayleen and she told me that she could help. I knew that she was a wonderful pediatric nurse, but never realized that she also sleep trained babies. She gave me all of the tools and within 2 days, I had a completely different child. A child that not only slept for more that 20 minutes at a time, but who slept through the night! Ayleen was kind, patient and very knowledgeable. I have since recommended her to other friends who have had great results. She gave me my sleep back and I can’t thank her enough.

Jennifer A.

-Montreal, QC

Ayleen a complètement changé notre vie! Nous avons fait appel à Ayleen pour notre 2e enfant. Nous ne voulions pas répéter les « erreurs » commises avec notre premier enfant au niveau du sommeil. Nous avons voulu instaurer une bonne hygiène de sommeil à notre deuxième enfant dès sa naissance. Tout d’abord, Ayleen nous a aidés à corriger certaines situations avec notre premier enfant avant que naisse le deuxième. Ensuite, elle nous a aidés à instaurer une bonne routine pour le 2e enfant. Ayleen a été très compréhensive de nos besoins et de nos craintes. Elle nous a TRÈS bien supportés tout au long du processus et elle a été très généreuse de son temps (elle ne calcule pas à la minute près ses interventions). Elle a une très bonne connaissance du domaine médical, ce qui ajoute énormément à la qualité de ses interventions. Bref, nous la recommandons fortement! MERCI AYLEEN!

-Marie-Pier B.

Montréal, QC

I have had the pleasure of working with Ayleen (our saviour) for our first and second child. What can I say except that people who come to visit and witness the bedtime routine and see how easily our son (now 3 years old) goes to sleep (on his own) and how easily our daughter (10 months old) falls asleep on her own is a testament to how well Ayleen has helped us to have a smooth evening routine – and our evenings together as a couple! Ayleen’s style is caring, understanding and knowledgeable. Not just for sleep training, but for all things baby related! Her support is wonderful, especially to first time parents who were winging it and wondering if we were doing this “parenting” thing right. Babies needs and routines change as they grow and Ayleen has been there to guide and troubleshoot to help get sleep and nap situations back on track. All we can say is THANK YOU AYLEEN!

-Jeana P.

Montreal, QC

When our youngest daughter Milena was just a couple of months old, her napping and night time sleep were extremely inconsistent, as is with many newborns. Having my husband traveling for work quite often and being alone with a toddler and a newborn, made me desperate for sleep and a somewhat routined day! Although our daughter was too young for formal sleep training, Ayleen suggested some gentle techniques to help guide Milena on the right sleep path. By four months old, Milena was napping for an hour and a half both morning and afternoon and sleeping through the night! To this day, she very rarely wakes at night, even when she is sick. The best part is there was never any need to formally sleep train her. By following Ayleen’s tips, Milena learned great sleep habits from the beginning. At just a little over two years old, she continues to be a solid sleeper!

-Nadia C.

Montreal, QC

For many months, my son just wouldn’t sleep, EVER! We decided to work with a sleep trainer but the program required us to completely ignore our child and I just couldn’t do it. For us, it was too rigid. As I was ready to give up, someone referred me to Ayleen and that is when everything changed.

Ayleen, you are patient and kind and your approach is the same. You walked me through every step of the way and gave me tools that made the process much easier on me and also on my son! The fact that you were able to offer advice based on your medical experience as a pediatric nurse was a wonderful bonus. A couple of times, I panicked in the middle of the night and you were there, just a phone call away. Thanks to your encouraging words and your endless patience, you were able to bring sleep back into our lives and into the life of our precious little guy. Any new parent knows what a precious gift that is, and I am eternally grateful to you! Thank you, thank you, thank you for the wonderful work that you do!

-Cristina C. & family

Montreal, QC

Ayleen is truly the baby whisperer! With her expert coaching and patience, our 4 month old is sleeping through the night and has become a fantastic napper! Beginning with gentle techniques when our baby was just a newborn, Ayleen not only provided  the tools necessary to create a child who sleeps well, but also gave us the confidence to be able to anticipate our child’s needs. As first time parents, that confidence is invaluable. We love spending time with our little one, but we will be forever grateful to Ayleen for giving us our relaxing evenings as a couple back!

-Jordana T. and Yalon D.

Montreal, QC

I am a very ‘hands on’ mom and now have three fun, active boys. My first two kids were up at night every hour and a half until they were 10 months old! When my third came along and started in the same pattern, up 6 times a night to nurse, I could, understandably, say I was exhausted. At 5 months old, I was referred by a good friend who had successfully sleep trained her baby with Ayleen and I had to give her a try. Well, I am immensely glad I did. She brought me back to basics and detailed exactly, according to my baby’s weight and habits, what his sleep environment, feeding schedule, and sleeping patterns should be for his age. Then, step-by-step, she supported me through the training. I have to say her advice of “keeping notes” and “sticking with it” really meant a lot and in only 2 weeks my little guy was sleeping his nights and actually became a very rested and happy baby! She even helped with nap training, and training my bigger boys who were actually overtired and I didn’t even know it. To top it off she facilitated sleep arrangements while travelling with great tips and suggestions.
Overall, as a family ‘sticking with it’, we now all sleep through the night, every night, and have the energy to do everything and more with the kids! A million thanks, Ayleen!

-Shana R.

Montreal, QC

Before I became a mom, I thought that all babies slept. All the time. All night long.  I was wrong. Wrong about everything. When I had my first baby, she was never a sleeper from birth.  When the nurses at the hospital told me, make sure to wake your baby every 3 hours during the night to feed, I didn’t have that problem.  I thought to myself, what is wrong with my baby, aren’t all babies supposed to sleep!? When my baby was about 5 months old, I discovered that « Sleep Trainers » existed.  I thought to myself, REALLY?? Why would I need someone to tell me how to make my baby sleep?  So instead of getting the help from one, I decided to be brave and buy all the books on baby sleep and try to figure it out myself.  I searched every website, too.  Then I realized, I HAD NO TIME TO READ THESE BOOKS!  And even if I did, there were so many different methods, so much information, so many contradictions, I was even more confused!  I did learn a lot about sleep, and most importantly that babies need to be taught to sleep (I would’ve told you that you were crazy if someone ever told me a baby had to be taught to sleep before I had a baby).  So then I decided, maybe it is time I get help from an expert.  My sister had sent me an email she received about a workshop on sleep training your baby.  I jumped on the occasion and signed up.  I went to the workshop, took notes and came back home confident that I could do this.  But realized, a workshop will not solve this, I need one on one contact with the sleep trainer, I had so many questions.  I called the sleep consultant that hosted the workshop.  She helped me with night training.  It went well, but I found her approach was too aggressive, there was too much crying involved and I couldn’t handle it anymore.  Nap training was a horror.  I talked to a friend about it who the same issues as me, and she told me that she had used a sleep consultant and had nothing but good things to say about her experience.  That’s when I contacted Ayleen.

And so it began.  I reached out to Ayleen to help me with night training and then nap training.   I cannot speak more highly of Ayleen’s communication skills, compassion for my daughter and professionalism.  Not only does she have 3 daughters of her own, so she gets it, she is also a pediatric nurse, which made me feel even more confident of having chosen her to guide me through the whole process.  Her humane and consistent approach had my daughter’s interest in mind the entire time and the results were evident.  She is passionate about what she does and she will not stop until you see results.  Ayleen was always there to answer my questions.  She was always there to cheer me on and congratulate my successes.

I also called Ayleen when I had my second baby.  Once again, I thought to myself, I can do this on my own now.  After 5 months of my baby not sleeping, probably because of my accidental parenting once again, I realized that I needed Ayleen’s support and guidelines to make sure I was going to succeed again.  I understood everything, I knew what I had to do, but I just needed that extra support.   My only regret was not having called her sooner when my baby was born.  If I didn’t wait so long, Ayleen could have showed me methods from birth on how to make my baby sleep, that way I would have avoided all the lack of sleep for so many months and enjoyed more time with my older daughter who also needed me. If you expect the sleep training to be a success, I cannot stress the importance of consistency, being persistent and diligent.  And of course patience. Thank you so much Ayleen! You have truly changed our lives.  We all get a great night sleep and I can get so much done when my baby naps! I could not have done this without you.  If you are thinking of getting help from a sleep trainer, I highly recommend Ayleen.  Without her support I would not have seen the training through…

-Manuela P.

Montreal, QC

“After shopping around for a sleep trainer, I decided to use ABCSleepyTime Inc. because of the personal approach and amazing support you are provided with. Ayleen’s knowledge from her nursing profession and experience was a bonus! I have two older kids who were desperately in need of my attention, but I could not give it to them as I was busy nursing and trying to constantly get my 4 month old baby, Abigail, to nap or sleep. My biggest struggle was just not knowing what my baby needed and why things were happening. I went from nursing hourly all night, to NO nursing and actually sleeping!! Naps, which were almost non-existent, are now real – sometimes even past the 2 hour mark! Ayleen helped me get my little one on a proper feeding and sleeping schedule and taught me what to do to give her what she needs. Both my baby and I are much happier now that we are no longer sleep deprived. Ayleen, you were there to reassure me when I was panicked and anxious. You taught me the difference between tired and hungry by making me aware of sleepy signs, which I had mistaken for hungry signs. You also taught me about teething, routine, and so much more! Your compassion and patience were so amazing! The tips in your emails always helped the next day get better. Knowing your expertise as a pediatric nurse made it so much easier to trust all your advice, which really made so much sense. You went beyond what a regular sleep trainer would have provided. I cannot express how grateful I am. And now that we are completely sleep trained, I want to thank you again for giving me the support and knowledge I needed to get Abigail sleeping properly. I am forever grateful.”

-Yael D.

Toronto, ON

“Dear Ayleen! Your baby advice was like sprinkling peaceful sleepy dust on our daughter! I have learned so much more from you than from our pediatrician… I am so grateful to have been introduced to you and will keep you on speed dial for when/ if baby #2 comes along! Jokes aside, I will keep giving your contact information out to any parents I know! Best wishes of continued success sleep fairy!!! Off to baby girl waking up from a fabulous 2 hour nappy nap!!! ”

-Marie G.A.

Toronto, ON

Ayleen is delightful. She made sleep training my son do-able, painless and actually even managed to make me laugh. Her many certificates are impressive, her work as a nurse at the Children’s made her credible but her credentials as a mother of three and her tailored approach to our needs make ABCSleepyTime Inc. the ideal option for any mom/dad who want their child to sleep a restful night.

-Roxanne M.

Beloeil, QC

Amazing! All of us got our lives back. My children are well-rested and happy and I finally get to sleep too ! Ayleen is caring, compassionate, and brilliant. I am so thankful to have worked with her and I highly recommend her.

-Jen J.

Ottawa, ON

Ayleen’s nursing background and clear understanding of how babies ‘work’ is complemented by her warmth and personal approach. It’s a hard process, but WELL worth the effort, and having Ayleen’s guidance a support made all the difference.

-Avigail A.

Montreal, QC

I was having trouble with my 6 month old sleeping patterns. She wasn’t taking a nap during the day nor sleeping at night! I thought I was going to lose my mind. I also had a 21 month old at home with me. So as you can imagine things were pretty hectic at home.  I was extremely exhausted and losing patience with both children as no one was sleeping.

I spoke to Ayleen and she explained to me that my daughter was over tired and didn’t know how to sleep. She was very informative and knew what she was talking about.
We went over my daughters schedule and how we could improve her sleeping habit and pattern and sleeping environment in her room.

I followed Ayleen’s advice and within 3 weeks my daughter was sleeping the night and napping through the day making me a much happier person.

Ayleen was very patient and a good listener. I would refer her to anyone having problems with their child’s sleep habits.

-Michelle D.

Laval, QC

I contacted Ayleen when my daughter was 6 months old. Having had sleep issues with my son, I was keen to try sleep training at an early age with my daughter. Ayleen’s methods were clear to follow and she provided prompt daily feedback via email. It was very helpful and comforting to have someone knowledgeable to refer to.  She provided directives that we still use today and thankfully our daughter, now 10 months old, not only sleeps through the night, but goes down for naps easily too.

-Helen A.

Montreal, QC

Patient, available, firm, yet sensitive. Ayleen coached me through the sleep training of my tenacious 6 month old and helped us both get some much needed shut-eye!! I would recommend Ayleen to all Mom’s who need the extra help and tools to get their babies to get some real sleep!!

-Melanie M.

Montreal, QC

Ayleen has been an invaluable support for me as a friend and nurse. She has always supported me when I had concerns about my two kids of 6 years and 4 years. I have known Ayleen from before I had my first child and grown closer with her over the years. When I had a health scare with my son, she was there to comfort me but as well guide me as to the best steps to take. She is always available, day or night to give advice and reassurance. I have never felt like I bothered her and she was always very patient and caring. It is a like having a security blanket as I feel better just knowing she is close by.

-Vivianne A.

Laval, QC

“Ayleen’s advice helped me achieve a greater night’s sleep! My son was able to sleep in later than his usual 5 am wake up time. Ayleen was very supportive with all her advice”.

-Elizabeth M.

Toronto, ON

Ayleen was the best coach I could have asked for to help sleep train my daughter Chloë. At 5 months she was sleeping through the night for 12 hours straight and napping so well during the day all thanks to Ayleen’s expertise and personalised guidance. My husband and I thank our lucky stars that we met Ayleen since we both starting sleeping really well again and enjoying our evenings together as a couple much faster than we would have imagined. We highly recommend Ayleen!

-Cristelle B.

Montreal, QC

I consulted with Ayleen when my daughter was 3.5 months old. She slept well through the night but was not napping consistently and napped no longer than 40 minutes. After assessing her sleep patterns during the day and night, Ayleen provided me with a very thorough and clear plan of action. Although the nap training was very challenging, Ayleen was always there to support me during the process. She always replied to me very quickly and knew when to give me those extra words of encouragement I so needed. Shortly after we started, my daughter was sleeping well through the night and napping beautifully! Knowing that she was a mother of 3 also gave me a lot of comfort that I was doing the right thing. I would recommend Ayleen to every new mother.

-Kimry G.

Montreal, QC

I was fortunate enough to work alongside this incredible woman during our time at the Montreal Children’s Hospital. At the time, I was pursuing my nursing studies and working part time in the emergency department at the Children’s. Right from the beginning I idolized Ayleen for her amazing interpersonal and professional nursing skills and how she carried herself as a professional staff member of the team in the ER. I got to know Ayleen as a coworker first and then as a mentor to me as a young nurse when I started my own career. Ayleen has such a gentle manner with people regardless the severity or potential dangers of a situation. She is able to keep calm and remain respectful towards others and to her own personal values and beliefs. Ayleen has helped guide me both professionally and academically while I started my bachelor’s degree. Ayleen is probably one of the most self-less and giving people that I know. She never expects anything in return apart from careful consideration of her advice when making a decision. I continue to look up to this beautiful woman and do not hesitate to reach out when I am feeling lost or need to be set straight. I wish her the very best in her new professional journey.

-Katrina G.

Montreal, QC

Ayleen and I became good friends 8 years ago when we first moved next to each other. Ever since I’ve known her she’s been a caring and concerned friend and mother. She’s always willing to help in any way she can, even if it’s inconvenient for her. She saw my nephew on a few feverish occasions to give her professional opinion on what should be done, once even in the middle of the night, with a warm smile and without wanting anything in return. She also helped my father through a heat stroke last summer even if it meant missing her daughter’s soccer practice. She’s given child sleep advice to a couple of my friends who found the recommendations to be excellent. She’s even brought my husband and I supper on numerous occasions when we were very busy, although with her three children, I’m quite sure she’s much busier than we could ever be. But that’s Ayleen, always putting everyone else’s needs before her own. She truly embodies the mind and spirit of what a nurse should be.

-Christiane A.

Laval, QC

I had the pleasure of working with Ayleen while trying to get my 4 month old baby to sleep through the night.  She was courteous, professional and extremely helpful.  I recommend her services to all of my friends with young children and would definitely use her in the future if we have another baby!

-Nikole J.

Montreal, QC

“The first and best thing Ayleen did for us is clue me into reflux. My little Kim was suffering and as soon as I described Kim’s symptoms to her pediatrician, as per Ayleen’s advice, the Doctor agreed and prescribed an antacid. Within a couple of days, Kim was feeling better and was able to sleep!

Ayleen gave me a confidence boost through knowledge. She reminded me of many simple things I had forgotten about by the time I had my second child. This helped me make more conscious choices about my daughters sleeping habits. Thank you Ayleen!”

-Maia B.

Montreal, QC

I’ve know Ayleen practically my whole life. She’s a great friend, trust worthy and someone who I can count on. I turned to Ayleen for help when my 4 month old daughter wasn’t sleeping well at night. She guided me in the right direction and helped me tremendously! Thank you Ayleen!!

-Randi S.

Montreal, QC

As a new mother, I was incredibly nervous… I was nervous about everything from getting my child onto a schedule to how to introduce new foods. Ayleen was incredible and she immediately made me feel at ease. There is no wrong or right way and she helped me to find a system that worked best for me. Whenever I had a crisis or a question, she was always reachable, and knowing that I could rely on her made all the difference. They say calm parents have calm children; Ayleen helped to keep me calm and my children are living proof.

-Emmie S.

Montreal, QC

I got to know Ayleen through Facebook, we have a couple of mutual friends. I have four children that range in age from 4 to 17. There has been several times where Ayleen’s knowledge in the medical field, kindness, and willingness to spare her own time to help others, has truly saved me as a mother! I know I can count on her to answer my questions and put me at ease in a crisis. The truth is we’ve never even met and yet she’s helped me out in the craziest situations. Ayleen is a very kind soul.

-Carolyn D.

Montreal, QC

Ayleen was absolutely amazing as a sleep trainer for my baby. She was instrumental in providing the most insightful advice in sleep training while at the same time being extremely supportive of a tired new mom. She has a big heart and is very talented in everything she pursues.

-Mary K.

Montreal, QC

Ayleen is a professional, dependable, and competent pediatric nurse who cares deeply about children. Ayleen was a tremendous help when my daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy, just before her third birthday. She is the person to talk to for warm and compassionate care.

-Sharon R.

Beaconsfield, QC

I’ve known Ayleen for many years, and one of the things that has always stood out about her is her eagerness to help others! I’ve always admired her parenting skills and the loving relationship she had/has with her three beautiful daughters. However it was when I became pregnant that I realized just how fantastic she truly was! She called me and let me know that if I ever had any concerns or questions, she’d be happy to help! Her experience (3 VERY well behaved kids pretty much qualifies her as an expert-LOL), nursing background, and overall willingness to always help has always made me listen when she had advice to give. Ayleen helped tremendously with sleep questions, feeding, and even a couple of health concerns I had. She is just wonderful person and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking help with their baby!!

-Amy N.

Vaudreuil, QC

Ayleen is an experienced professional, dedicated mother and wife. She supported me for sleep training of my two children and I had great success with her support. I wish her all the best in her new company and have no doubt she will be successful.

-Naomi S.

St. Lambert, QC

“Ayleen gave some great suggestions to help our 11-month old sleep through the night. She was always willing to give guidance, was very responsive to our requests, and always easy to talk to.”

-Suzannah B.

Montreal, QC

“I have known Ayleen Gelbart for more than 30 years, and have had the great privilege of being able to call her my friend, even when we haven’t seen one another in a while. When my daughter was born nine years ago, I came to depend on my friend Ayleen’s advice and opinions as a pediatric ER nurse. Whether it was Croup, Roseola, gastro, or when my daughter fell and sustained a concussion, Ayleen has always answered me as soon as humanly possible, steered me in the right direction, and kept me from panicking. Several ER visits have been avoided just through asking Ayleen what she thought I should do. Ayleen is an amazing person and I am very thankful to have her in my life, for more than half my life. You simply can’t find a better lady!”

-Tammy S.

Montreal, QC

I have known Ayleen for many years. I have worked with her, sought out her parenting advice, and have trusted her knowledge and care when my son was sick. She is caring, trustworthy, and professional. She also goes out of her way to help others whenever she can. Ayleen lights up any room she is in with her smile. She will only bring good things and positive energy into your life.

-Lauren S.

Montreal, QC

Ayleen has always given thorough and detailed medical and sleep training advice. With her many years of pediatric nursing experience, I always feel I can trust her recommendations, especially when it comes to dosages and medical care. She has always been very clear, honest and thoughtful.

-Annemarie N.

Baton Rouge, LA

Ayleen gave me the tools and support I needed to help both my daughter and I to finally get some sleep! My situation was unique and especially challenging given that my daughter sleeps in our master bedroom. Her coaching helped to dramatically improve our nights. She was also a tremendous help with naps. Within a few days of nap training my daughter was napping like a champion, right on schedule. Ayleen also helped with guidelines for introducing solids, travel tips, and much more.”

-Jodi O.

Montreal, QC

Ayleen helped me to sleep train my 5 month old.  Best investment ever!  She is knowledgeable, reliable and empathetic.  My now almost 9 month old is sleeping fabulously.  Don’t hesitate to take her advice, she knows her stuff.

-Nakin P.

Montreal, QC

“Ayleen is simply excellent at her job! She really adapted her sleep training method to my need and I was able to learn a lot about my daughter’s sleeping habits (who goes to bed so easily now) and even about myself :), but most of all, Ayleen has always been very responsive and supportive, especially when I had to deal with a medical situation abroad – I felt so lucky to have her in my life! Thank you!”

-Catherine L.

Montreal, QC

My pediatrician suggested I contact Ayleen. I reached out to Ayleen when my 2 year old decided to stop napping while my 5 month old baby wouldn’t sleep through the night. I was exhausted and I needed a plan to get my family on a sleep routine that would help all of us.

Ayleen listened to all of my concerns, she asked me questions about each child’s behaviors and my own, and she proposed a sleep plan that I was comfortable implementing.

I felt completely supported through the surprisingly short process, we spent many hours on the phone together, and she was very quick to respond to the email logs and questions.

Ayleen provides a wonderful service to families.

-Lisa E. (Rested Mom of 3 year old and 14 month old boys)

Montreal, QC

What a pleasure having worked with Ayleen to set my child’s sleep back on track!  Ayleen thoroughly explained her approach, gave step-by-step instructions and promptly responded to my concerns; she comes highly recommended!

-Sophie M.

Laval, QC

I hired Ayleen to help me with the nap issues that I was having with my 3.5 month old. Around 2 months of age my baby would not want to nap. This lead to a very cranky baby, and an unhappy discouraged mother. With Ayleen’s help my son now is able to nap well. He learnt how to fall asleep on his own. She also gave me help with feeding schedules. She is a great support with her daily emails. Ayleen provided us with timely feedback. I could not have sleep trained my baby without her help and support. Now we are all happy and rested.

-Vanessa M.

Montreal, QC

When I first called Ayleen, I was very nervous about sleep training my daughter. She’d had some health issues and I wasn’t sure how the process would develop. I was not a fan of letting my baby cry herself to sleep, which seems to be the method of choice of most sleep trainers. Ayleen has a very different approach and really supports your decisions as a parent. She helped to ease my fears about allowing a baby to cry a little (which you can’t avoid when you sleep train). The method she uses is very hands on and is adaptable depending on your baby and your needs as a parent. She listens really well and provides wonderful advice. The fact that she is a pediatric nurse as well who worked for many years at the Children’s Hospital made me feel very confident in her ability to give health advice related to sleep. Her daily support and feedback was such an integral part of the process. I always felt like I had a team supporting me through the process, which was fairly quick and not as painful as I imagined. Many months after we sleep trained our daughter, my 18 month old naps everyday for at least 2 hours and does over 12 hours every night. Bed time is a relaxing and enjoyable event in our home! I highly recommend you give Ayleen a call to discuss your situation.

-Trish W.

Montreal, QC

When I first consulted with Ayleen, my routine was all over the place and my youngest, who was one at the time, was not sleeping at all. Ayleen set me on the right track, showed me how to have a functional routine for my baby, and helped me gain my sanity back! I could not have done it without her. She was thorough and very supportive throughout the whole process. I am so grateful for Ayleen’s help! My son has been sleeping beautifully since we did the sleep training.

-Mom of 3

Montreal, QC

I started working with Ayleen when my twins were 2 1/2 months. She was patient and amazing with me throughout the entire process. Anytime I wrote her an email with all my questions and concerns, I would get a response on the same day which was very comforting. I was able to have 3 month old twins sleep 12 hours a night because of Ayleen and I thank her everyday for this. If you want to feel as though you can breathe more and sleep at night, you should definitely call ABCSleepyTime Inc.

-Hanna H. (mom of 13 month old twins)

Montreal, QC

Ayleen is THE godess of sleep. She helped us sleep train our 5 month old in the most gentle of ways. Being a nurse she took my son’s medical needs into account and didn’t just provide me with a generic plan based on his age like other sleep trainers do. I am beyond happy with the results of our work and how easy Ayleen made it all. She was a pleasure to work with both from a sleep training stand point and a medical one as well. My son now does 12.5hr nights with zero wakings and structured naps of 1.5hrs which are restorative. Best of all, I don’t need to tap him or sushhhhh him to sleep. I simply put him down and off he goes. He wakes up happy and in a terrific mode! I HIGHLY recommend her!

-Anabelle H.

Montreal, QC

I am so happy I contacted Ayleen. My 5 months baby went from a terrible napper and from a 2 hour bedtime routine to a great napper and to a pleasant bedtime routine followed by a 12-13 hour night. It was hard but keeping through it and following all of Ayleen’s advice made everything doable and so worth it! Now I have a well-rested happy baby and some well-deserved time with hubby in the evenings. Thank you Ayleen!

-Olivia N.

Montreal, QC

Ayleen was amaaaaazing !
My husband and I highly recommend her. Best money we ever spent! You always have to listen to her though…don’t try to modify what she says. Just do what you’re told and your child will sleep and be happier. My five month old son sleeps 12 hours at night and naps during the day like a champion.
Thanks Ayleen!

-Alex H.

London, ON

When I contacted Ayleen my son was six months old, woke up 5+ times a night, and would only nap for more than 20 minutes if I held and rocked him. My son was chronically over tired, and it showed in his disposition. He was constantly tired, needy and fussy, and therefore all of us were miserable.

Despite being first time parents, my husband and I were not ignorant to the fact that what we were experiencing was not the norm, and that we had created some very bad sleep habits. We read every sleep book, article and blog out there, but were having a hard time implementing a plan after months of not sleeping ourselves.

Ayleen’s services were recommended to us by a family member. I had looked into sleep consultants previously, but was hesitant to contact one. I found it reassuring that I knew someone who had great success working with Ayleen, and also because of her background as a pediatric nurse.
The first time I spoke to Ayleen on the phone I knew she was going to be a great fit for our family. She is extremely easy and pleasant to talk to, and her expertise as a pediatric nurse and additional training in infant and toddler sleep is immediately clear. She had the ability to put this over tired, first time mom’s anxiety to rest. I knew she was going to be the key to helping my family!

Unlike other sleep consultants I had looked into, Ayleen is very thorough. Each of her clients receives a personalized plan. My husband and I spent hours on the phone with her during our initial consultation going over our son’s sleep habits in detail. Taking this information, and our parenting style into consideration, Ayleen created a sleep plan for us.

As part of our package, I would email Ayleen every day with a detailed account of the previous 24 hours. I loved this part of our communication, because it held me accountable to following the plan, but also because she would respond to not only his sleep, but also anything else out of the ordinary that she noticed. Ayleen helped us through our first teething episode, introducing solids, illness and vaccines. It was amazing! I looked forward to Ayleen’s emails every day; this daily reassurance that we were on the right path to helping our son sleep was vital in our success.
In Ayleen’s words, our son was very ‘tenacious’ when it came to learning to sleep (especially naps). Despite some setbacks, and difficulties she stuck with us and continued to tweak our sleep plan until it worked. She was extremely dedicated, and didn’t limit us to a fixed number of days or emails allowed to be sent. It truly felt as though Ayleen became the 4th member of our family during this time, and that she was just as invested in helping our son sleep as we were.

I am OVERJOYED to report that we have had full nights of sleep (every single night), and no fuss crib naps for almost 3 months now since working with Ayleen. We have, during this time, travelled to Florida for two weeks, stayed in hotels and come down with more colds. Despite all of these potential interruptions to sleep, we have continued to be dutiful in follow Ayleen’s plan, and have not regressed back to night time waking, or requiring elaborate nap time routines.

Ayleen saved my husband and my sanity, but most importantly helped our little boy to be happy and healthy. Our once grumpy and chronically overtired baby does nothing but smile and laugh now.
We can’t thank you enough Ayleen!

-Kate and Mark W.

Port Elgin, ON

Ayleen is a wealth of knowledge and anyone who has the opportunity of working with her is blessed.

My 8month old daughter was a horrible napper/night time sleeper. I thought I had tried all the tricks in the books, clearly I was wrong.

From day 1 of working with Ayleen I started seeing some positive changes in my daughters behaviour. She was no longer sleep deprived, she was…happy!

Ayleen is dedicated to her clients, she took the time to explain to us what development phase our child was going through.

Some moments were hard, it requires commitment and consistency from the parents. The outcome is amazing, not only for the parents but mostly for the child.

Ayleen – you have changed our quality of life but mostly you have helped us get our daughter on the right sleeping track again. You are a hidden gem just waiting to be discovered!

-Karine & Nick

Montreal, QC

A friend highly recommended I work with Ayleen when my 3 month old baby would cat nap all day and be miserable and fussy by 4 o’clock in the afternoon. In a matter of days not only was my baby girl sleeping 12-13 hour nights she was getting adequate naps throughout the day as well. She is knowledgeable, caring and devoted. She not only helped with sleep training but she was able to offer advice in other infant related matters (reflux/ teething). She provided my husband and I with the tools and information we needed to get our baby to a happier, well rested state. I questioned some of her practices and guidelines but soon realized I should have never doubted her. Our baby girl puts herself to sleep and stays asleep!!! Thank you Ayleen, we are now able to enjoy some much needed couple time while our baby is sound asleep.


-Stephanie G.

Laval, QC