Learning to Sleep

Posted by JUSTJENP on October 17, 2017
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“To sleep, perchance to dream – ay, there’s the rub.” Any mother with an infant knows what Shakespeare was talking about. After carrying a tiny being inside of you for 9 months and going through labor and childbirth, all a mom wants to do is sleep. She deserves a nap, at least! But between round the clock feedings, 100s of diaper changes and learning how to care of a demanding little human, there’s no rest
SLEEP. If you were to ask the parent of any newborn or infant how having a baby at home has affected their life, I would venture a guess that the most popular response would be “lack of sleep”. Lack of sleep takes its toll in many different ways. It can cause memory issues. It can affect behaviour both in children and adults. It can increase irritability which can cause friction between partners or between parents