“ABC” Sleep Learning Package


Sleep Learning Package “ABC” is recommended, but not limited to, infants 10/12 weeks-15 months old. It is a complete and comprehensive package that is comprised of both overnight and nap sleep learning that specifically caters to each infant’s unique age, stage, and total sleep requirements. The “ABC” Package is the most popular of the sleep packages as it encompasses not only anything and everything sleep-related, but also teaches you how to troubleshoot! So whether your baby is ill, teething, or going through developmental milestones like learning a new skill, infant separation anxiety, or growth spurts, you will have the tools in place to prevent their impact on your baby’s sleep, even long after the sleep training process has concluded.

Sleep Learning Package “ABC” includes:

  • An initial phone consultation/profile analysis to generate a personalized night sleep plan based on your baby’s age, health, and precise sleep needs.
  • A second phone consultation to establish a customized nap plan related to your baby’s exact and appropriate daytime sleep requirements.
  • 3 weeks of complete support to monitor, fine-tune, and ensure that your infant benefits from all the elements of having established a healthy SleepyTime foundation and routines.






ABC Sleep Learning Package

$499 CAD