Hello and welcome to my Website! My name is Ayleen Gelbart and I have been a Sleep Learning Consultant since 2006. I named my company ABC SleepyTime Inc. to represent “A”yleen “B”aby “C”onsultations as the work I do goes above and beyond traditional sleep learning work.

I am a licensed Registered Nurse since 2000 here in Montreal, and I have an extensive background in pediatrics. I am fluently bilingual (English and French) and have enjoyed working with clients all across North America like Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Boston, and New York – to name a few!

My company specializes in NIGHTIME SLEEP LEARNING and DAYTIME NAP LEARNING for newborns, infants, toddlers, and pre-schoolers. I can also work with older age children as needed. Throughout our sleep journey together, I offer advice and suggestions regarding overall health, milk and solid feeding, growth and development, teething, traveling, and numerous other topics.

  • “Once Upon A SleepyTime, there were some children who had not learned how to sleep. Baby Jessie would wake very frequently to feed throughout the night, even though her mommy felt that she was not really hungry. Little Johnny only took very short catnaps, if he napped at all, and he was quite cranky especially in the evening. Jamie was an early bird who loved to start the day at the crack of dawn, but mommy and daddy were still tired and wanted to sleep.”

    If any aspects of this story sound familiar and real sleep seems like a Fairy Tale for you and your little one, then ABCSleepyTime Inc. is the Sleep Fairy God-Mother that you have been dreaming of!

    Ayleen Gelbart